Flag Moment at Ultra Miami

Music tourism

Kasia Zaleska
11 minutes to read

Among the new tourism trends that have been caused by globalization is music tourism. Nowadays, people will travel great distances to see their favorite artist or to escape their daily life. What motivates these festivalgoers?

How could K-pop gain fans worldwide?

Jiyong Choi
16 minutes to read

How has K-pop spread around the world the way it has? This article examines precisely that question, from various angles.

An ode to Erykah Badu: from head wrap to buzz cut

Iris Cuppen
5 minutes to read

Erykah Badu masters the art of solidifying coolness in consciousness, discussing complex issues of the female and black self by delivering it in the funky sound of the future. An ode to the Godmother of Elusiveness

Finally ethnic diversity in 2017's Brit Awards

Marlou Agterberg
3 minutes to read

After last year's #BritsSoWhite controversy, this year's Brit Awards finally showed ethnic diversity. It is about time other music award shows like the Grammys follow. 

Ohne dich kann ich nicht sein

Roos van den Oetelaar
13 minutes to read

In deze paper wordt onderzocht, aan de hand van de optredens van de metalband Rammstein, hoe religie en beroemdheid samenkomen in een metalperformance. De tegenstelling tussen deze twee werelden blijkt minder vanzelfsprekend dan gedacht.