The politics of #shutdown: from capitalism to popular protest

ana. Deumert
4 minutes to read

In this column Ana Deumert looks at the meaning and practice of shutdown. Originally used in the context of capitalist expansion and workforce disciplining, it has been adopted as a grassroots tool of rebellion against the status quo. 

Foucault neoliberalism money

The end of how business takes over, again

Ico Maly
3 minutes to read used to be a refreshing and very useful platform for academics and students all over the world. That has ended with introducing  the ‘paid search’, says Ico Maly (Tilburg University).  

ING's reorganization

Jan Blommaert
4 minutes to read

At the heart of TINA (There Is No Alternative), there is a lie revolving around the suggestion of absolute and uncontrollable actors shaping fields to which we can only respond. This lie deserves close inspection.