Mai 68 50 years later. Revolution Revolt

Did anything happen in May 68?

Jan Blommaert
11 minutes to read

Was May 68 just a moment of countercultural protest? No, it was big, very big.

Book review "Darkness at noon"- Rubashov illustration

Why you should read "Darkness at noon" (Arthur Koestler)

Nataliia Vdovychenko
7 minutes to read

Certain kinds of literature cannot be forgotten. Darkness at noon is a must read for everyone who values high quality novels and wants to learn more about the Soviet Union, revolution and history in general.

The algorithmic populism of Alice Weidel

Karlijn Raaijmakers
10 minutes to read

Technical developments and the growth of social media have caused politicians to start using social media as a tool for their political campaigns. This is also the case for Alice Weidel: the leader of the AfD. What are the consequences?

Do not vote strategically. Vote ideologically!

Guus Hovens
4 minutes to read

It appears that a significant number of Dutch citizens consider to vote strategic during the elections in March. But strategic voting offers no certainties and you might end up with the opposite of what you wanted in the first place.