social movements

Activists use a variety of digital technologies to try to change the world. Different social movements have, for instance, used live streaming technologies to promote transparency and to demonstrate how they distinguish themselves from (according to them) corrupt governments. Dr. Emiliano Treré from Cardiff University discusses his perspective on studying digital activism. 

Stop Tihange and Doel: Activism in the streets and on social media

Aimée Overhof
14 minutes to read

This paper contains a digital ethnographic inquiry into the Stop Tihange movement. What role do new media play in the essembly of this movement, that aims to shut down a nuclear plant in Belgium?

black lives matter #blacklivesmatter #ferguson #transgender #equality democracy

Black Lives Matter too: from #hashtag to movement

Iris Wijers
28 minutes to read

The Black Lives Matter movement has become a real phenomenon in American society. Iris Wijers analyzes this powerful and polarizing movement.  

Flags at Pegida rally

What keeps Pegida together?

Isabell Wutz
7 minutes to read

Since its launch in 2014, Pegida has constructed a strong collective identity. It includes oppositional framing, boundary work and the construction of 'us' vs. 'them' with the implication of 'us' being better than 'them'.