social movements

Stop Tihange and Doel: Activism in the streets and on social media

Aimée Overhof
14 minutes to read

This paper contains a digital ethnographic inquiry into the Stop Tihange movement. What role do new media play in the essembly of this movement, that aims to shut down a nuclear plant in Belgium?

black lives matter #blacklivesmatter #ferguson #transgender #equality democracy

Black Lives Matter too: from #hashtag to movement

Iris Wijers
28 minutes to read

The Black Lives Matter movement has become a real phenomenon in American society. Iris Wijers analyzes this powerful and polarizing movement.  

Flags at Pegida rally

What keeps Pegida together?

Isabell Wutz
7 minutes to read

Since its launch in 2014, Pegida has constructed a strong collective identity. It includes oppositional framing, boundary work and the construction of 'us' vs. 'them' with the implication of 'us' being better than 'them'.