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Hidden transcipts

Hidden transcripts is a concept often used in discussions of power and resistance, and it refers to forms of resistance and dissent that are kept out of sight for those in power.

On the freedom to protest

Ana Deumert
7 minutes to read

A recent South African court ruling ended the requirement to give notification to the authorities before setting up protest actions. Ana Deumert agrees and in this column she reflects on the right to protest as central to democratic citizenship.

digital media, revolution politics

Revolutions, the digital divide and working-class media

Ana Deumert
7 minutes to read

Can digital media be used to organize revolutions and uprisings? Ana Deumert considers digital social inequalities in social media use, and explores their implications for developing a radical politics of the commons. 

Do viral campaigns work? From Movember to #itsoktotalk

Thi Phuong Anh Nguyen
10 minutes to read

Viral challenges like the Ice Bucket Challenge or Movember have raised awareness and money for charity. We propose that a combination of seriousness and playfulness may be an important element of such campaigns. 

Hart boven Hard betoging Antwerpen december 2014

Straatpolitiek (Femke Kaulingfreks)

Jan Blommaert
12 minutes to read

Femke Kaulingfreks legt in Straatpolitiek een hele wereld bloot waarin aan politiek wordt gedaan buiten de formele instellingen om. ze roept op om die vormen van informele politiek ernstig te nemen als onderdeel van een verbeterde democratie.

Black Lives Matter or Black Identity Extremist?

Paul Mutsaers
10 minutes to read

The question 'who is the victim?' is an important social directive that shapes the struggles for victimhood in which Black Lives Matters, U.S. police forces and their various (counter)publics are currently engaging.