RoboCare Chronicles, a Digital Futures Podcast

Dina Bousbaa

In this exciting episode of Robo Care Chronicles, we go into beneath the heart of Elderly Care in the technologically evolved world of 2045. Sila, Emily's granddaughter, narrates the dramatic impact of cutting-edge robotic care support on the daily lives of elders. As we enter Emily's house, accompanied by her trusted robotic friend, we are engulfed in a warm and comfortable environment in which technology perfectly integrates with human needs. Sila's story gives a clear picture of how this breakthrough technology not only aids in practical activities but also develops true connection and emotional support.

Sila's testimony, along with insights into the progress of robotic care over time, demonstrates the journey from skepticism to complete acceptance, emphasising the transformational power of these technological wonders in influencing the future of Elderly Care.

Join us as we uncover how cutting-edge robotics are revolutionizing caregiving, from practical assistance to emotional companionship, reshaping the landscape of Elderly Care as we know it.