Online-offline nexus

The online-offline nexus is a term used to describe the fusion of online and offline dimensions of social life in actual practice. The term points to the current stage of globalization in which digital technologies have acquired substantial and irreplacable functions in organizing everyday "offline" practices, and vice versa - a state of affairs sometimes referred to as "post-digital". Offline and online dimensions of life have been thoroughly integrated into one new and complex context for social life.

A clear example of the online-offline nexus is formal education. While learning still looks like an eminently offline thing - we go to schools, enter classrooms and look at the blackboard or screen - it is now profoundly influenced and enabled by online tools and resources. There are online libraries with electronic copies of books and articles; online learning platforms for readings, assignments, grades, feedback and course materials; websites such as Wikipedia or YouTube offering important learning support; tools for streaming or recording lectures or seminars; thematic content apps and so forth. Purely offline formal education is hard to imagine: when we perform learning activities, we perform them in the online-offline nexus.