Diggit Columnists - Jan Blommaert, Ico Maly, Odile Heynders, Fatma Arikoglu, Piia Varis, Paul Mutsaers, Max Spotti

Diggit magazine introduces Diggit Columnists

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The Editors


Starting February 2017, Odile Heynders, Jan Blommaert, Piia Varis, Max Spotti, Fatma Arikoglu, Paul Mutsaers and Ico Maly will write a monthly column for Diggit Magazine. Each Diggit Columnist will look at the different evolutions in the world from his or her field of expertise.  “The Diggit Columnists are explicitly asked to look critically at what is happening in the world, to question the consensus, to trigger thinking and to spark up debate, ” says Ico Maly (Editor-in-chief Diggit Magazine).   

Diggit Magazine is now 6 months old. Up until now, the magazine has in large part focused on providing qualitative and in-depth analyses of phenomena related to digital culture, globalization and arts. “From the start, Diggit Magazine also wanted to become a voice in the public debate, to fulfill a democratic role and to infuse qualitative information in the public debate, ” says Maly. "The Diggit Column is thus not set up as an end in itself, but is being used as an instrument to trigger thinking, to lead people to more information and to question falsehoods. In short, to take up a democratic role."  

In their short interventions, the Diggit Columnists will tackle topics that are not only socially relevant, but also reflect the topics that belong to the core business of  Diggit Magazine.  

  • Every first Tuesday of the month: Max Spotti on Asylum, integration and language (English)
  • Every first Thursday of the month: Odile Heynders on Literature and society (English)
  • Every second Tuesday of the month:  Piia Varis on Technology and society  (English)
  • Every second Thursday of the month: Ico Maly on Politics and the world (Dutch)
  • Every third Tuesday of the month: Paul Mutsaers on Law, order and society (English)
  • Every third Thursday of the month Jan Blommaert on Discourse, propaganda and manipulation (Dutch)
  • Every last Thursday of the month: Fatma Arikoglu  on Feminism and Society (Dutch)

Today, Odile Heynder publishes her first Diggit column - Literature as a survival kit. A European Reading list for Barack Obama.