Ico Maly on algorithmic populism in Babylon's Burning

The Editors

In a 2018 working paper and several articles for Diggit Magazine, Ico Maly introduced the concept of algorithmic populism and activism. Babylon's Burning was intriged and invited him on the last episode before the summar holiday. What is algorithmic populism and why is it relevant? Is algorithmic activism only about understanding technology? This and much more in the fifth episode of Babylon Is Burning. 

Ico Maly is associate professor @ Tilburg University (The Netherlands) and editor-in-chief of Diggit Magazine. He teaches Digital Media & Politics and Social groups in the digital World. He wrote several Dutch books including Nieuw Rechts (New Right, Epo, 2018), De Hedendaagse Antiverlichting (Contemporary anti-Enlightenment, Epo, 2018) and  N-VA | Analyse van een politieke ideologie (N-VA | Analysis of a political ideology) (EPO, 2012).

Babylon's Burning is a YouTube Talkshow on Digital Culture. It is a co-production between Babylon, Center for the study of Superdiversity (Tilburg University) and Diggit Magazine. 

Ico Maly on Algorithmic populism