Facebook Dating

Is Facebook Dating the new Tinder?

Irene de Groot

Facebook has been developing their services over the years. One of their newest inventions, Facebook Dating, has recently started it's trial amongst users in Colombia. 

It is very romantic, meeting your soulmate online. Meeting new people through Facebook has always been quite easy, but Facebook has decided to take this to the next level. Facebook Dating will match you with potential dates through an algorithm. The platform will use your profile data in order to match you to your Prince or Princess Charming. The algorithm will take into account your mutual friends, common interests and distance. You cannot match with anyone over 100 kilometers away from you. On top of that: you will not get matched to the friends you already have. This will prevent lots of awkward conversations...

So, what makes Facebook Dating unique? Like many other dating apps, you will have the option to apply some filters. You can choose whether you want someone with children and which age your potential suitors need to be. However, one thing that is different than apps like Tinder and Grindr is that Facebook Dating does not have a swiping feature. The swiping feature allows users that both swipe to the right to connect and start a conversation. On Facebook Dating, however, one has to reply to the provided pictures or answered questions of their match in order to start a conversation. Users will see only featured pictures, answered standard questions from their match and manually provided further information.

According to Facebook, Facebook Dating will have it's own messenger feature next to Facebook messenger. In order to provide more security to its users, the messenger feature cannot be used to send content like pictures or links. This could prevent people from asking for money or transferring some to their match. So if you want to do any of these things, you will have to move the conversation somewhere else.

Facebook Dating has the power to become a great player in the online dating field. It has access to even more data than platforms like Tinder. Another issue for Tinder specifically could be that everyone with a Tinder account has to have a Facebook account in order to create a profile. Would it not be easier to just date on Facebook then? However, the two still differ quite a bit from each other in the way the apps work. Let us hope that Tinder and Facebook Dating can co-exist in the world of online dating.