Fake news

Will AI save us from fake news?

Nataliia Vdovychenko
7 minutes to read

Attempts to decrease the spread of ‘fake news’ might come with the risks of censorship and control.

FAcebook, moderation, activism, democracy,

Why Facebook? Activism, censorship, and democracy

Academic paper
Lauren Zentz
19 minutes to read

Lauren Zentz examine how a group of progressive activists interact around a certain set of Facebook’s hate speech policies and practices in order to make meaning of them, make both political and social use of them, and be critical of them. 

Seen, but not too much: the black hole, secrets and stigma

Thao Nguyen
18 minutes to read

This paper discusses the concept of visibility and its effects in the digital society. Based on the case of an online community art project in Vietnam, the paper will question how digital forms of life narrative can bring out issues of visibility.