Playboy's Postfeminism Problem

Julie Peters
4 minutes to read

Playboy is trying its hand at the feminism debate, but it is a hollow attempt.

Film camera

Back to No Style: A journalistic low point from PowNed

Roeline Machiels
4 minutes to read

Recently, Roeline Machiels came across a video from PowNews. The clip was about one of their interviewers being hit by a woman at the Anti-Trump demonstration in The Netherlands. Machiels adresses PowNed about their journalistic low point.

De literaire schrijver in het mediatijdperk

Academic paper
Sander Bax
5 minutes to read

Verschillende wetenschappers betogen dat het literaire bedrijf grondig en fundamenteel aan het veranderen is in het mediatijdperk. Literatuurwetenschapper Sander Bax bouwt met zijn studenten aan dit dossier over dit grote transformatieproces. 

Martin O'Malley who?

Martin O'Malley, who?

Gitta Camfferman
17 minutes to read

Martin O'Malley was, next to Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, the third Democratic candidate in the 2016 US elections. This paper explains why you probably never heard of him.

Making Socialism 'Cool' Again

Jenske Vermeulen
15 minutes to read

Bernie Sanders labels himself as a democratic socialist. In America, this normally means you stay stuck in the margins. Contrary to that assumption, Sanders mobilized millions.