Hyperloop One concept

Hyperloop: what about the margins?

Nataliia Vdovychenko
13 minutes to read

Would you like to travel from Tilburg to Amsterdam in just 12 minutes? Or go on holiday to Spain in 1,5 hours? Hyperloop can make your traveling experience reach a whole different level of comfort and speed. 

The individual stories of migrants touch our hearts

Irene de Groot
2 minutes to read

A short column in which Irene de Groot explores the notion of compassion with regards to migration in Europe. Can compassion help create understanding for migrants? 

You are what you speak

Max Spotti
2 minutes to read

This column deals with newly arrived migrants, call them asylum seekers, refugees, foreign bodies or social security seekers if you like, still we will be dealing with human beings, their need for relocation and the power of accents. 

How did Trump get this far?

Ico Maly
12 minutes to read

In this third and last article on Trump's message, Ico Maly analyzes a Facebook-Live video featuring Trump speaking to the crowds at a Rally in Jackson, Mississippi. 

New media are extensively used by the asylum seekers.

Asylum Seekers Online

Jolanda van Grunsven
2 minutes to read

Migration is very much influenced by the digital age. Many asylum seekers find the information they want and need online. How does the age of digitalization affect the way migration works in the 21st century?