Traffic jam

On butterfly effects and terror

Jan Blommaert
5 minutes to read

Thinking about a freak traffic accident and its huge butterfly effects made me reflect on the similarities with terror attacks. Can such things be prevented at all?

Ben Carson tweets '#IamaChristian' right after the Oregon shooting on October 2nd 2015.

Ben Carson's #IamaChristian

Suleika Gommers
20 minutes to read

Carsons tweet 'I AM A CHRISTIAN ’  went viral right after the college shooting near Roseburg, Oregon, killing nine people. This paper give insight on the person Ben Carson, what made him tweet these words.  

Construction and presentations of interethnic boundaries in the media:

‘The Moroccan Drug Dealer’

Mijndert Rodolf
8 minutes to read

Why does the media frame minority groups the way they do? How is this done? What are the the effects of these negative frames?

The failure of surveillance

Jan Blommaert
3 minutes to read

The search for terrorists is supported by highly sophisticated and intensive surveillance of electronic communication media, but overlooks the basic fact that sometimes people switch off their devices and become invisible.