The Mass Shooting Generation

Miah Ke-leigh
21 minutes to read

Young people in the U.S. have been left distraught and disempowered by the waves of mass shootings and other gun violence. But can their use of social media to organize lead to real change, or is it simply "slacktivism"?

The many faces of Hillary Clinton

Mark Dierick
29 minutes to read

This analysis focuses on the many faces Hillary Clinton showed the general public during her run for Presidency in the United States of America. It argues that it might have been this "two-faced" reputation that could have cost her the job.

Trump Wall

Trumpian governance and the art of separation

Paul Mutsaers
2 minutes to read

US President Donald Trump epitomizes the rise of illiberalism in liberal democracies, as he breaks through liberalism’s protecting walls that keep social spheres apart for the preservation of spheres of liberty and justice.  



Trump L’oeuil

Michael Silverstein
12 minutes to read

Mr. Trump continued to induce that “fired-up-and-ready-to-go” feeling, as had both then-Senator Obama in 2008 and Senator Sanders in the primaries.  And, according to Michael Silverstein, that made all the difference.

Campus van William & Mary, Williamsburg

Politiek op de campus

Suzanne van der Beek
3 minutes to read

Suzanne van der Beek koos een boeiende periode om een paar maanden in de VS te gaan wonen. Voor Diggit Magazine schreef ze een klein stuk over haar verkiezingservaringen op de campus

Donald J. Trump: The maverick

Lindsay Lo-A-Njoe
8 minutes to read

Donald Trump's message helped him win the 2016 presidential election. However, could the opponents' counter-messages have helped support his own? This paper analyzes the complex construction of Trump's message that propelled him into presidency.