Holocaust studies

Anti-vaxxers protest strategies that trivialize the Holocaust

How anti-vaxxers trivialize the Holocaust

Nathalie Schabio
14 minutes to read

During the Covid-19 pandemic, anti-vaxxers have utilized multiple protesting methods, including the trivialization of the Holocaust. How is Germany's Nazi history used by anti-vaxxers to protest against the pandemic management?

Freedom Writers: A Story of a Mini Holocaust (Richard LaGravenese)

Mariosé Bergsteijn
5 minutes to read

"How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing to Change Themselves and the World Around Them". A review on problems of poverty and ethnic diversity in the classroom.

Holocaust literature and ancient Greek tragedy

Rowie van Hagen
30 minutes to read

Elements of Imre Kértesz’s novel Fatelessness (1975) are analysed in the light of two Euripidean tragedies about Iphigenia: what tensions and similarities are there in the construction of both protagonists’ roles?