Linguistic Landscape

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A metaphor is a trope, or a figure of speech, that directly refers to one thing by mentioning features of another one; an object, or an idea, is viewed as a metaphor which offers people new ways of examining ideas and viewing the world.

ELLA 2.0

ELLA stands for "Ethnographic Linguistic Landscape Analysis", and 2.0 points to the fact that offline signs are followed through to their online dimensions. ELLA 2.0 is, thus, online-offline Ethnographic Linguistic Landscape Analysis.

Linguistic landscape

Linguistic landscape is an object of sociolinguistic analysis and comprises publicly visible language samples displayed in a certain area.

Linguistic Landscapes in Europe - Alternative city tours?

Irina Jidoveanu
11 minutes to read

This article highlights both the similarities and the differences between how different ethnic groups express themselves depending on the social, political, historical, and cultural context.

Chinese restaurant storefront

How Semiotic Signs Can Be Both Helpful and Misleading

Jenny de Kleijn
10 minutes to read

This article presents a linguistic landscape analysis of two stores in the Netherlands to see if semiotic signs always reach the goal they were originally intended for.

Using Memes for the Greater Good: A Tale of LGBTQIA+

Ege Okant
12 minutes to read

This article takes a look at two internet memes, expressing LGBTQAI+ content. Through linguistic landscaping, the three arrows of the memes will be analyzed, to showcase the in-depth meaning, a humorous yet specified meme has.

A dangerous translation: A case study of the Japanese periphery

Catalina Amengual Ripoll
11 minutes to read

Even though international exchange has increased enormously over the past years, mistranslations are still not uncommon - but what if a mistranslation might actually lead to danger? Like being attacked by a wild bear in the middle of Japan?