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From Front National to Rassemblement National

Ruben Bastiaanse
4 minutes to read

Rassemblement National should become the new rallying cry for nationalists in France and make Front National salonfähig. How Marine Le Pen and Steve Bannon attempt to pour old nationalist wine in new bottles. 

The Global New Right

Thierry Baudet, Jan Roos, #GEENPEIL

Bye Bye referendum: Three Reasons Not To Mourn

Jan Dijsselbloem
7 minutes to read

The Dutch referendum did not live a long life. Three reasons why we should not be mourning the loss of it as it was in its current form and shape.

Karl Popper

De echte paradox van Popper

Jan Blommaert
5 minutes to read

De echte paradox van Popper is deze. Wie in de verdediging van de open samenleving die samenleving schaadt, die behoort tot de vijanden ervan.

Alternative Für Deutschland


In this file, differents aspects of AfD’s leader Alice Weidel, will be analysed, such as her image, message, support and resistance movements. The concepts of populism, enlightenment and anti-enlightenment will also be investigated.

Marine Le Pen

Front National


Marine Le Pen has been a member of Front National since she was eighteen years old. In 2011, Marine Le Pen became president of the party. Her self-proclaimed aim is to 'de-radicalize' the party. But is this only a metapolitical claim, or reality?