Metapolitics started from the idea of ‘the primacy of culture over politics as the premise to a revolution in the spirit of ‘right-wing Gramscism’ (Griffin, 2000). It directly refers to the long-term strategy of GRECE (Groupement de recherche et d'études pour la civilisation Européenne), better known as La Nouvelle Droite, the school of thought Alain De Benoist, Guillaume Faye and Dominique Venner founded in 1968 (Maly, 2018b). 

(this entry is based on Maly, Ico (2018), The Global New Right and the Flemish Identitarian movement Schild & Vrienden). 

What is metapolitics?

Metapolitics is currently a keyword within the New Right movement worldwide (Nagle, 2017, Maly, 2018 a & b, Hawley, 2017; Johnson, 2012). According to Maly (2018), metapolitics is at its core, an ideological project: the goal is to achieve cultural hegemony (Gramsci, 1971). 

It aims at hegemonizing a traditionalist, right wing ideology and a völkish (ethnonationalist) or in their own words a ‘differentialist’ position (Benoist & Champertier, 2000). This ideology is -contrary to what the etiquette ‘New Right’ suggests – not new: ‘It expressly and explicitly borrows a great deal from the Weimar Republic’s ‘conservative revolution’ (Salzberg, 2016: 40).


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