The Rosetta Network - Imagined by Milo Miranda

Milo Miranda

Scholarly investigation into the meeting point of human potential and technology has a long history. In this talk, we will take a close look at Rosetta, a revolutionary network that breaks down barriers to enable exceptional personal development and artistic expression. Using knowledge from an unreal dialogue, we negotiate the intricacies of Rosetta's recognition procedures, shedding light on the revolutionary potential of digital self-replicating machines.

Fictional Futures: Rosetta's Framework

Following a dialogue with an intelligent bot representing "Fantas," a company operating within the innovative "Rosetta" network, a client expresses interest in both registering with "Rosetta" and renting the service for the implementation of artistic abilities.

After this initial conversation, there is an exploration of the characteristics and functionality of this service within the speculative context of 2045. This discussion is enriched by drawing upon literature and creative processes, seamlessly blending futuristic speculation with real-world potentialities.