Digital knowledge

Sex Education in 2045: a podcast about the future

Moon Stubbe

Join Tommy and Moon in envisioning holographic AI educators transforming sex education. Explore inclusivity, empathy, and tech in high school learning."

The Rosetta Network - Imagined by Milo Miranda

Milo Miranda

Exploring Rosetta's innovative potential for personal development and artistic expression, bridging human potential and technology in the speculative landscape of 2045.

A picture of a Gothic building

Lifelong learning: the Dark Academia aesthetic as a taste regime

Iris Dumoulin
10 minutes to read

In this article, I will explore how dark academia can be defined as a taste regime and how specific practices relate to the investment in practical knowledge in order to gain capital on social, economic, and cultural levels.

Image 1: Birds Aren’t Real van and the founder of the movement Peter McIndoe

Birds Aren't Real: a post-truth 'conspiracy' paradox

Lily Francois
7 minutes to read

The Birds Aren't Real is a parody social movement with a purpose: making fun of misinformation in a post-truth world dominated by online conspiracy theories