A Short Analysis Of The Consequences That Belief Systems Have For Inter-Group Relations

Blean Tsige

This paper is about how a news article is politically intolerant of a social group. The main aim is to reason how biased the news article is by using the literature to specify the problem. Specifically, the paper’s short analysis focuses on how the Fox News article is denying the basic rights of an ethnic minority. In the end, two paragraphs from this article will be provided and then flipped arguments. 


How Is The Fox News Article Politically Intolerant (denying basic rights) Of A Social Group (ethnic minorities/illegal immigrants)?


In the USA there have been problems which is an ongoing debate about the crisis surrounding illegal immigrants crossing the border to enter the US. This issue has been tackled by the US government and there seems to be a division within their government institution’s belief systems. To simplify this divide it is customary to consider one side as the conservative group and the other side as the liberal group. These groups tend to have their own way of viewing political issues that are dealt with in the USA. For example, these groups deal with immigration policies or border disputes. Each group holds an opposing distinct belief on how to tackle immigration and border disputes. Consequently, this means that conservatives' solutions for these problems are never the same as the solutions the liberals are coming up with. This means that the US government is left with a continuous debate about these problems without coming up with any concrete solutions. This consequently reverses any practical benefits and causes more political implications within the country. 

The political implications are, as well, reflected in this article on Fox News, which deals with the issue of the Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, sending illegal immigrants to work at Martha’s Vineyard. According to Fox News, the sending of the migrants was "[as] part of program to transport illegal immigrants to sanctuary destinations" (Chasmar, 2022). The article continues to describe this act of Human trafficking as part of aid "to drop off illegal immigrants in progressive states" (Chasmar, 2022). The article, furthermore, implies that this was a planned event as here in this quote is confirmed by a member that is part of the DeSantis team: 


"Yes, Florida can confirm the two planes with illegal immigrants that arrived in Martha’s Vineyard today were part of the state’s relocation program to transport illegal immigrants to sanctuary destinations" (Chasmar, 2022)


The main aim of the politician, DeSantis, and his team is to overall achieve "to protest White House immigration policies", states the HuffPost (Dicker, 2022). However, news reporters like Trevor Noah seemed to be a tad more annoyed by DeSantis's act of service. The host of The Daily Show marks DeSantis as an "asshole" and considers this whole ordeal "a stunt - so he can prove that America’s immigration system is broken [?]" (Dicker, 2022). This back and forth between these parties is a prime example of how "liberal and conservative political commentators regularly accuse one another of intolerance" (pg. 27-34, Brandt, M. J., Reyna, C., Chambers, J. R., Crawford, J. T., & Wetherell, G., 2014).

The Fox News article continues to highlight the DeSantis team as the heroes by considering this a class act of assisting immigration and border disputes. The report quotes again a member of the DeSantis team who should evidently present the fact that their team is doing the right thing: 


"As you may know, in this past legislative session the Florida legislature appropriated $12 million to implement a program to facilitate the transport of illegal immigrants from this state consistent with federal law," [she said, later adding that the states] "immigration relocation program targets both human smugglers found in the state, but also preempt others from coming to Florida." (Chasmar, 2022)


The representative of the DeSantis team is, therefore, perhaps somewhat blaming the Biden administration for their open border policies, by pretending to obey the rules that were given out to them. She is essentially claiming that this program they have created will benefit the illegal immigrants when they are sent to states that are able to take better care of them in "states like Massachusetts, New York and California" (Chasmar, 2022). DeSantis and his team are posing as if they did not lie and this idea is not related to Human trafficking. His team promised these illegal immigrants, that if they would fly to Martha’s Vineyard they would receive housing and work, but instead, the illegal immigrants were denied their basic rights. 

The DeSantis team insists that they were setting up an aid program to relocate illegal immigrants. A completely opposing viewpoint towards DeSantis's action is found in the HuffPost article, which is a News company that tends to negate a more liberal perspective. The HuffPost covered how Trevor Noah responded to the whole spectacle act of the DeSantis team by claiming that this idea of DeSantis is not to help immigrants. This is because Noah says that "if you told DeSantis to spend the same amount of money helping these asylum seekers, he’d be like, - Oh, we don’t have the funding for that -, but to troll the Democrats, suddenly he’s like, -Put it on my card" (Dicker, 2022). Noah is referring to the fact that the 12 million dollars that were spent on the DeSantis team program, could have been used for other immigration policies. 

The problems surrounding conservatives' and liberals' creative ideas for a solution are as complicated as reflected here by the two News reports. On the one hand, it seems as if both parties are trying to help this social group, by pretending to have the answer to immigration issues or border disputes. On the other hand, it is evident through various research "that intolerance is primarily a conservative affliction" (pg. 27-34, Brandt, M. J., Reyna, C., Chambers, J. R., Crawford, J. T., & Wetherell, G., 2014). This means that it makes sense to associate conservatives with political views that are right-wing or anti-federalist and that portray a social view that opposes a framework to support immigrants. It is as well therefore harder to believe that DeSantis's conservative team would implement a program that would benefit immigrants. His act of flying them to Martha’s Vineyard could be considered a questionable measure. 

In conclusion, it is understandable that Fox News is considered to be on the conservative side and that tends to cover an issue relating to immigration in a biased manner that highlights the Republicans as helpful. 



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