The Pearl River Delta: a region of copycats or a center of innovation?

Lennart Menger
18 minutes to read

The Pearl River Delta, an economic miracle that is still struggling with a negative 'copycat' imago. Lennart Menger, a student from Tilburg University, argues to what extent the region has managed it to transform into a center of innovation.

Liu Xiaobo: Keeping a voice

Odile Heynders
9 minutes to read

Nobel laureate and dissident writer Liu Xiaobo is released from prison. Xiaobo dedicated the Nobel prize to ‘the martyrs of Tiananmen square’. His poetry expresses his courage and conviction. says Odile Heynders

Why is character amnesia in China considered problematic?

Lisanne Nugteren
23 minutes to read

In the People's Republic of China, due to rapid technological developments more and more people rely on voice messaging and pinyin input for producing texts, rather than writing them by hand.