How propaganda works in the hybrid media system

Ania Borkusewicz
18 minutes to read

They catch our attention, waste time, and bombard us with clickbaity titles whenever we scroll social media: junk and fake news are significant problems of today's internet. This article shows how they can be used to spread propaganda.

Calling out the homofobus

Ania Borkusewicz
14 minutes to read

This article explores both offline and online responses to the Homofobus protest van in Poland and how these responses interact. 

Tatra mountains at Slovak-Polish border

The case of the Slovak minority in Poland

Academic paper
Monika Nemcová
22 minutes to read

Focusing on education and the media, this article analyses Slovak as a minority language in Poland. It argues that the Polish language policy is inextricably connected to educational and national policies.