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Ecofeminism, as a theoretical framework, delves into the intricate web of oppression, examining the linkages between the subjugation of marginalized communities and the exploitation of the natural world (Warren, 2000). At its core, this perspective underscores the interdependence of various forms of injustice, weaving together the threads that connect the mistreatment of nature, women, animals, and the environment (Gaard, 2009).


Agency is the ability of individuals to act independently and of their own volition.

Riki Thompson's research is much more profound than the words 'online dating' might be able to suggest. In this video, she explains how her research can be both participatory and therapeutic, and how her findings yield all sorts of insights regarding normativity, algorithmically programmed ideology and the societal role of technology.

The power duo hosts of AB Drink Talk

Womb with a view- Episode 1

Xiaofan Betty Takala

"Womb with a View" podcast, hosted by SipSquad, delves into the ethical implications of artificial wombs. Discussions on gender equality, reproductive autonomy, and legalities offer insights and the potential of this technology.

Dr. Eviane Leidig

Eviane Leidig on The Women of the Far Right

The Editors

What is the role of women in the far-right? In this video, Eviane Leidig explains how far-right female micro-celebrities help to "normalize and legitimize" the ideological beliefs of the far-right.