Flag Moment at Ultra Miami

Music tourism

Kasia Zaleska
11 minutes to read

Among the new tourism trends that have been caused by globalization is music tourism. Nowadays, people will travel great distances to see their favorite artist or to escape their daily life. However, festivals as such are not new at all. 


Trump, why do people love you?

Blean Tsige
15 minutes to read

The purpose of this article is an attempt to understand the support system Trump has developed throughout his presidency. Likewise, I am trying to criticize and highlight aspects of his journey.  


The Pearl River Delta: a region of copycats or a center of innovation?

Lennart Menger
18 minutes to read

The Pearl River Delta, an economic miracle that is still struggling with a negative 'copycat' imago. Lennart Menger, a student from Tilburg University, argues to what extent the region has managed it to transform into a center of innovation.

Dr. Mingyi Hou

Dr. Mingyi Hou on social media celebrities

The Editors

According to Dr. Mingyi Hou social media celebrities are 'gendered'. For instance, female social media celebrities in China conceal social constraints, while male social media celebrities try to reveal social constraints.

fingerprint scanning

Why biometric data is not safe anymore

Nataliia Vdovychenko
7 minutes to read

Biometric data plays a huge role in our everyday lives. We use it to unlock our phones, for bank payments, memberships and travelling. But do we ever think about risks connected to our biometric privacy?

Dutch Language Representing Translator Dialect And Netherlands

'Dutch only at work’ : Discrimination or reasonable?

Meauraine van Gorp
16 minutes to read

Language requirements at work: a form of discrimination or reasonable selection? The following article provides an analysis that helps to determine your opinion regarding this matter.  

Hiddema: the 'civilized' nationalist?

Laura Thomas
11 minutes to read

Theo Hiddema's political beliefs are characterized through nationalism, Anti-Enligthenment thinking, racism and sexism. However, he is not perceived as such. How is this possible?

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: Old “New Turkey”

Viviana N. E. Warnken
15 minutes to read

Erdoğan is a charismatic leader who is changing the political landscape of Turkey as we know. As he faces increasing resistance to his leadership, we analyze him as an individual and his message as a leader.

Odile Heynders

Odile Heynders on Digital Culture in 2018 & 2019

The Editors

How will digital culture impact your research in the future? Odile Heynders proposes to "revisit poststructuralist philosophers such as J.F. Lyotard and J. Derrida to rethink the digital context as a dynamic textual universe."

Joachim Benyakoub

Joachim Ben Yakoub on Digital Culture in 2018 & 2019

The Editors

In this end-of-year interview Joachim Ben Yakoub (UGent) reflects on the (non)-impact of discourses on digitalization and digital culture on how the Tunesian revolution was understood in Western mainstream media. 

In order to make research accessible and relevant, academics have to be retrained on how to do research in the digital age. They also have to stop living in ivory towers. Check out our interview with Najma Al Zidjaly for this, and much more. 

Ana Deumert

Ana Deumert on Digital Culture in 2018 & 2019

The Editors

For Ana Deumert, digital culture has not only impacted her research, but also her teaching. Last year for example, she started using WhatsApp with her students - which, according to her, encouraged 'peer learning',