Futuristic books and their content

Healthcare in the future: PTSD & EMDR in 2045

Elena Sofia Silva

This podcast delves into the futuristic world of "Future Echoes" by Mary Thomson, exploring psychological narratives set in 2045 through the lens of trauma specialist Dr. Jane Washington. 

Boredom and video games in a consumer capitalist system

Yasin Tuncer
8 minutes to read

The video game industry has been characterized by boring and unimaginative releases in the recent years. This paper shows how a consumer capitalist culture ingrained in our society explains how this came about.

Podcast: Code Red: 2045

Prajakta Athlekar

In 2045, a fictional world sees AI health coaches dictating citizens' futures. This speculative tale explores the chilling consequences of technology, privacy erosion, and societal inequality. Welcome to a future where fiction meets foresight.

Environmental Justice and Experiential Education: A Hands-on Approach to Building a Better Future

Katherine Huber
12 minutes to read

While people in the Global North enjoy the benefits of extraction economies that exacerbate ocean acidification, rising sea levels, and perturbating feedback loops, people in the Global South are often most severely affected by climate change. As institutions like museums and universities play a vital role in the interrelated histories of climate change, migration, and knowledge production, it seems vital to learn students how to discuss issues of climate justice. This article explains how experiential education holds particular significance in the climate crisis.

Keith Haring. Is Art for Everyone?

Clara Daniels
10 minutes to read

The graffiti style of Keith Haring is so public yet disruptive, it puts into question how this antagonisation can foster social cohesion. Who can claim art made by a collective in spaces shared by everyone?

Major tech corporations rule their regions of the internet through their codes, and perform as judges over their digital subjects. These corporations, however, are not bound by the same constitutional principles as states, nor are they obliged to take into accounts human rights.

Portrait Anne Frank

Anne Frank - myth or author?

Kirsten Verbeek
16 minutes to read

In this article, we analyze whether the American image of Anne Frank connects to her self-posture in her life narrative 'Het Achterhuis'. Since there is little connection between the two, we conclude that the American image has become a myth.

FRIENDS: The One With the Parasocial Relationships

Marijn van Engelen
12 minutes to read

How can the six Friends feel like our real friends? This article discusses how various elements of the hit TV show contribute to forming parasocial relationships with the fictional characters, evoking a sense of intimacy.

The power duo hosts of AB Drink Talk

Womb with a view- Episode 1

Xiaofan Betty Takala

"Womb with a View" podcast, hosted by SipSquad, delves into the ethical implications of artificial wombs. Discussions on gender equality, reproductive autonomy, and legalities offer insights and the potential of this technology.