Google's representation of the world

Google Maps' commercially oriented representation of the world

Anne Marte Gardenier
15 minutes to read

Google Maps displays a commercially oriented representation of the world. This influences how map users perform in the represented space. However, this subjective representation is obscured by the app's widespread use and its features' framing.

De noordelijke renaissancekunst: een unieke schepping

Mariska van Schijndel
18 minutes to read

De noordelijke renaissance wordt vaak gezien als een 'slaafse' navolging van de Italiaanse Renaissance. Dit 'digitale museum' verandert dat beeld door te laten zien dat de noordelijke Renaissance op zichzelf een unieke schepping is.


Anti-vaccine movement: the epidemic of stupid

Blean Tsige
13 minutes to read

The purpose of this column is to highlight the influence of social networking platforms on society. In particular on the way in which the outbreak of measles can be blamed on to misinformation that is spread on these platforms.

An ode to Erykah Badu: from head wrap to buzz cut

Iris Cuppen
5 minutes to read

Erykah Badu masters the art of solidifying coolness in consciousness, discussing complex issues of the female and black self by delivering it in the funky sound of the future. An ode to the Godmother of Elusiveness