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Ethnography can be defined as the small-scale study of human behavior through "clinical" observation and intersubjective participation.
Melvin Wevers on History and 'the Digital'

Melvin Wevers on History and 'the Digital'

The Editors

You might think that the increasing amount of data that is becoming available is helpful to historians, and subsequently also to society. But that is not necessarily the case. In this video, Melvin Wevers explains how the "holy grail" of Big Data regularly obscures the fact that researchers still need good theories and hypotheses to do their academic work, and that more data does not always translate in better research.

Of Caring Connections: Well-Being, Entrepreneurship & Technology

Inge van de Ven
12 minutes to read

Bringing together an entrepreneurial and media studies perspective, we offer several suggestions for Tilburg University to help improve the well-being and quality of life for its academic staff.

Brabantish at Huis ter Heide

Being one of them: Participating in an online community while researching cultural heritage

Jos Swanenberg
9 minutes to read

How can researchers use social media to empower speakers of local dialects? In this article, Jos Swanenberg explains how Facebook and Instagram helped him to collect data on language variation, while simultaneously connecting with members of the community and handing back the accumulated knowledge.

jan blommaert, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, in memorium, tribute

Farewell, Jan Blommaert

Tom Van Hout
2 minutes to read

Tom Van Hout says farewell to Jan Blommaert. He praises not only the academic, but also the man who normalized vulnerability