Babylon is Burning: trolls and trolling with Chrissy Cook

The Editors

In the second episode of Babylon's Burning, we talk with Chrissy Cook (Tilburg University) on her research on trolls and trolling. Chrissy has spent the last four years of her life dedicated to studying this phenomenon: examining trolling from the perspective of victims, bystanders, researchers, and even trolls themselves. She managed to learn a few things along the way, some findings more surprising than others.

On Wednesday, she will share these insights with our viewers in the hopes of creating a better internet for us all. Eager to learn more, or can't wait for the new show? Cook has written a short article on Diggit Magazine on Trolling (and what to do when you are trolled).

Babylon's Burning is a YouTube Talkshow on Digital Culture. It is a co-production between Babylon, Center for the study of Superdiversity (Tilburg University) and Diggit Magazine. 

Chrissy Cook on Trolls and trolling - Babylon's Burning