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Digital Issue Mapping

Issue mapping is a concept to study the social connections made when actors interact and create bonds. It asks how a matter of “fact” becomes a matter of “concern” when connections are made, and can be an especially fruitful way to study online culture and phenomena.

Multimodal Discourse Analysis

Multimodal discourse analysis is a method that takes into account multiple modes of communication and how they interact with one another.


Intertextuality occurs whenever we observe material from one text occur in other texts, explicitly as well as implicitly.


A chronotope, as defined by Bakhtin, is a specific spacetime context enabling a plot, characters, and rules for action and meaning.


The term coevalness refers to sharing the same timeframe. Much like 'medieval' refers to the middle ages, co-eval refers to a shared age.


Ethnography can be defined as the small-scale study of human behavior through "clinical" observation and intersubjective participation.


Discourse can be seen as language-in-action, something that is effectively used in communication.
Melvin Wevers on History and 'the Digital'

Melvin Wevers on History and 'the Digital'

The Editors

You might think that the increasing amount of data that is becoming available is helpful to historians, and subsequently also to society. But that is not necessarily the case. In this video, Melvin Wevers explains how the "holy grail" of Big Data regularly obscures the fact that researchers still need good theories and hypotheses to do their academic work, and that more data does not always translate in better research.

Lessons in Reading

Odile Heynders
12 minutes to read

According to Odile Heynders, students often lack the skill of engaging in a hermeneutic dialogue, which is defined as the capability of bringing up various questions in response to a text and the author's position and, subsequently, the ability to formulate various answers. In this article, Heynders engages with Philippe Lançon's Le lambeau in order to address this issue.

Digital Discourse and Methodology


In this file we have compiled articles, papers, videos and wikis that zoom in on the methodologies of studying digital discourse. 

A couple's flipflops laying on the beach with a love heart drawn in the sand

“He’s a 10 But…” Discussing Relationship Discourse Online

Clara Daniels
10 minutes to read

This article shows how easily consumable trends such as “He’s a 10 but…” contribute to building dating discourse around an unachievable ideal and actively invite the audience to judge the statements made by the women involved in these interviews.

Portret of Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro in the hybrid media system: methodology and methods

Ruben den Boer
12 minutes to read

This article presents a detailed account of the methodologies and methods we deployed while investigating how Ben Shapiro uses mainstream digital media to have a voice in the hybrid media system.