Ten Years and the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement

Rosa Engels
7 minutes to read

What does a movie have in common with the Umbrella movement? A semiotic analysis of the movie Ten years.

Importance of social media in the globalized internet age

Trump, social media and the first Twitter-based Presidency

Jordan Hollinger
12 minutes to read

Trump's social media presence is the most salient factor behind his success in the recent presidential election.  Trump's usage of internet and social media to connect with his supporters is much more successful than traditional forms of media.

Google and Big Data: Are we heading towards a dystopian reality?

Lennart Driessen
2 minutes to read

The services that are provided by data-giant Google are becoming more and more a normal part of daily life. But are we truly aware of the implications this has on our privacy? How much information does Google actually have on you? 

The debate about the ‘Other’

Noura Yacoubi
5 minutes to read

The debate about the 'Other' and the Islam in particular seems endless.  Many people just 'give up', but that is the exact opposite of what we should do.

April Fools

The key to a successful April Fools' joke

Dianne Parlevliet
4 minutes to read

With some examples from April Fools' 2018, this column examines what made people get tricked. Regardless of whether your goal is to trick people, believable and controversial jokes will grab the audience's attention.