Is there a dark side to translingualism? Dr. Sender Dovchin believes the answer to that question is "yes". In this video, she talks about the research she did in the past, and the things she is working on at this moment. 

#HalbeWasErbij Pyeongchang meme Halbe Zijlstra

Ja hoor, #HalbeWasErbij: over het politiek belang van memes

Jan Blommaert
7 minutes to read

Politieke communicatie is niet meer het monopolie van politici en politieke verslaggevers. Ze wordt ook gemaakt door miljoenen burgers. De Nederlandse Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken Halbe Zijlstra weet er ondertussen alles van.

Frida in New York

Kahlo voor kinderen: een (inter)nationaal icoon

Ine Muys
35 minutes to read

Frida Kahlo is populairder dan ooit. De Mexicaanse kunstenares inspireert vandaag niet alleen feministen en fashionistas, maar ook prentenboekenmakers die van Kahlo een (inter)nationaal icoon voor kinderen maken.

Should big data determine who gets pulled over?

Paul Mutsaers
4 minutes to read

Predictive policing  is often claimed to be a technical matter superior to traditional policing, with all its human flaws. I argue for a cultural approach to predictive policing, centered on the cultural shaping of police technologies. 

Donald Trump online

Asya Krusteva
10 minutes to read

Donald Trump knows very well that mediated visibility can be used as a political instrument and weapon. So instead of trying to control this mediated visibility, he uses mediated controversy as his strategy.

Piia Varis Conspiracy theories video digital culture

Dr. Piia Varis on conspiracy theories and digital culture

The Editors

Dr. Piia Varis (Tilburg University) is in the early stages of doing research into conspiracy theories, the dissemination of knowledge and the formation of online groups. Diggit Magazine had a video-interview with her. 

Ten Years and the Hong Kong Umbrella Movement

Rosa Engels
7 minutes to read

What does a movie have in common with the Umbrella movement? A semiotic analysis of the movie Ten years.