Winner Teaching innovation Award 2017


The long season: I am alive because I'm not dead (Leonard Retel Helmrich )

Odile Heynders
4 minutes to read

The narrative of The Long Season is impressive and affective as a story of poverty, lack of prospect, and irrational hope. The documentary is magnificent in its focus on the details of social life, says Odile Heynders (Tilburg University).

Pleasure Studies? University as creative and thinking space

Odile Heynders
4 minutes to read

According to Pieter Duisenberg 'pleasure studies' should be something of the past. The future is in technical studies. But is job perspective the main argument for spending 4 years of your life at university? Odile Heynders does not agree. 

Should big data determine who gets pulled over?

Paul Mutsaers
4 minutes to read

Predictive policing  is often claimed to be a technical matter superior to traditional policing, with all its human flaws. I argue for a cultural approach to predictive policing, centered on the cultural shaping of police technologies. 

Donald Trump American President?

Is Donald Trump a 'dangerous clown'?

Ico Maly
9 minutes to read

In this first article on "Trump's Message", Ico Maly analyzes the negative messaging of the adversaries of Donald Trump.  He argues that the framing of Trump as a clown makes us blind to the power of his message.

Over de mediastorm rondom Griet Op de Beecks publieke bekentenis

Sander Bax
12 minutes to read

Het optreden van de Vlaamse bestsellerauteur Griet op de Beeck in De Wereld Draait Door is ongetwijfeld een van de meest besproken optredens van een literaire schrijver. Literatuurwetenschapper Sander Bax duidt de logica achter de heisa.

Someone in New York finally put me on a panel …

Kevin Doyle
8 minutes to read

Kevin Doyle sees a vast consolidation and compression of human experience into more and more narrow and predictable terms. The unique language and vocabulary that innovative forms of the arts provide us can be an antidote, according to him.

Hilarisch, die helderheidspolitie van Boudry en Bregman

Daan Rutten
3 minutes to read

'De helderheidspolitie Boudry & Bregman blijft bezig om de postmoderne filosofie tout court een slechte naam te bezorgen, en dat terwijl het toch al nauwelijks meer een plaats heeft in het Nederlandse intellectuele debat.' zegt Daan Rutten

Weapons of Math Destruction: How Big Data Increases Inequality and Threatens Democracy (Cathy O'Neil)

Piia Varis
4 minutes to read

Weapons of Math Destruction (2016) by Cathy O'Neil makes a very compelling case for people to start asking more questions and demand more transparency regarding algorithmic models that are being used to regulate so many aspects of their lives. 

De hete adem van het beleid: over Unia en het ontslag van Rachida Lamrabet

Eva Vergaelen
3 minutes to read

Eva Vergaelen, ex-medewerkster van Unia (het Belgisch mensenrechtencentrum) plaatst het ontslag van Rachida Lamrabet in perspectief. Ze schetst het politieke klimaat waarin Unia moet werken en geeft zo een breder perspectief op dat ontslag.

#Wetoo: What dancers talk about when they talk about sexism

Ilse Ghekiere
13 minutes to read

From recurring Lolita-fantasies on stage to auditioning naked and backstage power abuse; female dancers talk about the repercussions of a professional reality that celebrates unclear borders.

The end of how business takes over, again

Ico Maly
3 minutes to read used to be a refreshing and very useful platform for academics and students all over the world. That has ended with introducing  the ‘paid search’, says Ico Maly (Tilburg University).