anti-China discourse, anti-Chinese tech discourse

Anti-Chinese tech discourse

The Editors

One cannot miss it. In the last 5 or more years, Chinese tech has become a prominent topic in political discourse. From TikTok to Huawei, Chinese tech is increasingly framed in terms of 'surveillance', 'national security threats' and economic warfare. These anti-Chinese discourses are seemingly hegemonic. Trump and Biden position themselves against Chinese tech. But also in Europa, politicians, journalists and security services contribute to the framing of Chinese tech as tools of warfare. Even Chinese solar panels are discursively constructed as a security risk. 

In this new Diggit File, we dig deeper into these discourses. 

cork board with pieces of paper connected with red string, one piece has the TikTok logo on it

How Dutch conspiracy media include TikTok in their grand conspiracy theories

Ruben den Boer
31 minutes to read

TikTok has been widely discussed and criticized in mainstream media. But the app has also been hotly debated in conspiracy media. How do they employ TikTok controversies to perpetuate their grand conspiratorial narratives?