Donald Trump American President?

US 2016 elections

In depth analyses of the 2016 presedential campaign

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The 2016 electoral campaign causes - as always - a non-stop flow of comments, opinions and reportings. Diggit magazine does not cover the campaign minute -per-minute, but delivers in-depth analyses of the campaigns.  No news, but research that provides people with insight in the political battle.


Trump L’oeuil

Michael Silverstein
12 minutes to read

Mr. Trump continued to induce that “fired-up-and-ready-to-go” feeling, as had both then-Senator Obama in 2008 and Senator Sanders in the primaries.  And, according to Michael Silverstein, that made all the difference.

Donald J. Trump: The maverick

Lindsay Lo-A-Njoe
8 minutes to read

Donald Trump's message helped him win the 2016 presidential election. However, could the opponents' counter-messages have helped support his own? This paper analyzes the complex construction of Trump's message that propelled him into presidency. 

Donald Trump online

Asya Krusteva
10 minutes to read

Donald Trump knows very well that mediated visibility can be used as a political instrument and weapon. So instead of trying to control this mediated visibility, he uses mediated controversy as his strategy.

Trump: het einde van het propagandamodel

Jan Blommaert
4 minutes to read

De verkiezing van Trump toont nogmaals aan hoe onze politieke analysemodellen de feiten achterna hollen.

How did Trump get this far?

Ico Maly
12 minutes to read

In this third and last article on Trump's message, Ico Maly analyzes a Facebook-Live video featuring Trump speaking to the crowds at a Rally in Jackson, Mississippi. 

Trump, the celebrity-businessman and vox populism

Ico Maly
11 minutes to read

In this second article on Trump's message, Ico Maly analyzes Donald Trump's "bragging-message machine". Winning elections is not about how well informed or intelligent a candidate is, it’s about ‘Message’.

Donald Trump American President?

Is Donald Trump a 'dangerous clown'?

Ico Maly
9 minutes to read

In this first article on "Trump's Message", Ico Maly analyzes the negative messaging of the adversaries of Donald Trump.  He argues that the framing of Trump as a clown makes us blind to the power of his message.


Working paper
Kevin Doyle

Kevin Doyle watched Trump's entire rally in Jacksonville. And he read all the posts of Trump's critics. He concludes that Trump is immune, even more: that the critiques makes him thrive.  

Reggaefans verbijsterd

Jenny-Louise Van Der Aa
3 minutes to read

De populaire reggaezangeres Etana steunt Donald Trump openlijk in zijn race voor het Amerikaanse presidentschap. Reggaefans blijven stomverbaasd achter.

Lindsey Graham #ReadyToLead

Why Lindsey Graham is the Defeated Commander

Lovise Neess
21 minutes to read

Explaining political failure is as relevant as explaining political success.This analysis explores why Lindsey Graham's political message did not succeed in capturing the electorate in the campaign for the Republican presidential primaries.

Martin O'Malley who?

Martin O'Malley, who?

Gitta Camfferman
17 minutes to read

Martin O'Malley was, next to Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, the third Democratic candidate in the 2016 US elections. This paper explains why you probably never heard of him.

Ben Carson tweets '#IamaChristian' right after the Oregon shooting on October 2nd 2015.

Ben Carson's #IamaChristian

Suleika Gommers
20 minutes to read

Carsons tweet 'I AM A CHRISTIAN ’  went viral right after the college shooting near Roseburg, Oregon, killing nine people. This paper give insight on the person Ben Carson, what made him tweet these words.  

Making Socialism 'Cool' Again

Jenske Vermeulen
15 minutes to read

Bernie Sanders labels himself as a democratic socialist. In America, this normally means you stay stuck in the margins. Contrary to that assumption, Sanders mobilized millions.