Dr. Ico Maly on the anti-Enlightenment and Universal Human Rights

The Editors

Dr. Ico Maly from Tilburg University recently published 'De hedendaagse antiverlichting' (The contemporary anti-Enlightenment). But what is the anti-Enlightenment? And why is this such a relevant topic to discuss? According to him: "... in the 21st century, we see all these old ideas reappear. You will find people advocating hardcore nationalism, from ethno-cultural nationalism to the old school blood and soil nationalism."

And that's why, he argues, we need to fight a discursive battle, a battle for ideas. Not any ideas, but the ideas of the radical Enlightenment. We need to come together and fight for democracy, equality, freedom and Universal human Rights. The dreams of the radical Enlightenment thinkers, are more relevant than ever, and they are under enormous pressure.

The anti-Enlightenment and Universal Human Rights


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